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Horror Stories Podcast

Short Stories of the Horror and related genres, featuring stories by

Edgar Allan Poe ,H.P. Lovecraft and others. Listen to tales of the macabre,

mysterious, gruesome. Experience discomposure and dread. Themes of murder and wretchedness ,paranormal , and Science Fiction. Authors H.G. Wells, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and more.

Mar 30, 2020

On this episode a man is wronged by another man and seeks revenge, but dies. Do you believe someone can come back from the dead and seek revenge. I hope you enjoy The Man of Science by Jerome K Jerome. About 26 minutes

Mar 13, 2020

Our feature story is about murder, espionage gone bad and death. I hope you enjoy Gismondi‚Äôs Wage by Rafael Sabatini About 43 minutes.